Studies on THC

Cannabis users use the drug to cope with conditions of depression, anxiety and relieve chronic pain. Other users use it for recreation and to feel good about themselves. Although you are applying for the right purposes, you are putting your career in jeopardy as it is illegal for most professionals.

Many businesses conduct regular drug test to determine the level of THC in the body. If you have been hooked to the drug for the last few days, the test will be positive. For an infrequent user, the levels of THC will still be detected through the trial for four days after the previous use. For a frequent use it will take a minimum of 10 days to flush the toxins of the drug in the body. However, for a massive marijuana smoker the drug will be detected in various tests for 1-2 months even after the user has stopped using the drug.

Methods of detecting the presence of drugs in the body

1) Urine test

It is the standard method of conducting a drug test. It gives accurate results, and many laboratories use it. It detects the presence of a drug used in the last few days. Once you smoke marijuana, it is absorbed in the fat tissues, and the body will slowly extract it through the liver and into the urine.

2) Blood test

A blood test is also a conventional drug test method. The levels of the drug are present in the blood. Once you smoke marijuana, it is absorbed into the tissues and then into the blood. A blood test will give accurate results.

3) Hair test

It is not very common, but it’s correct. The hair follicle absorbs the drug toxins from the blood tissue. A strand of hair once tested in the laboratory will determine if you have been on the drugs for the last few days.

How do you pass drug tests?

1) Detox

Detox is a reliable method of flushing out THC levels in the body. It acts as a cleaning agent and cleanses the body. Once you take the drug results-the results will be negative. However, it needs a lot of patience and time. You need to adhere to the method keenly to achieve the desired purpose. During the detox period avoid any intake of the drug for useful results.

They are various detox drinks that work amazingly in the body:

a) Lemon juice

Lemon juice works wonders in the body system. You need to take the bottle for a minimum of 7 times a day. It cleans the body and shifts toxins when it is used appropriately. One tablespoon of fresh lemon juice squeezed into 500 ml glass of water will be useful. If you regularly take lemon juice for days before the drug test, you will receive negative results.

Despite some states trying to legalize the use of marijuana, the highest percentage of the world is still against it. Though scientists research proves that marijuana has health benefits and less is dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes. Most businesses highly accept the use of alcohol and cigarettes but are against the use of marijuana. The best way to pass a urine test on short notice is to use what we have outlined here. There aren’t very many other options. It’s important to work hard on this.

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